Evergreen: The Botanical Life Of A Plant Punk - Softcover


  • In this wildly rich memoir, a director at some of the world's finest botanic gardens - Sydney, Kew and Melbourne - suggests such places are a cure for the world's ills.
  • Tim Entwisle believes these sanctuaries can address the key threats of our time, such as climate change and plant extinction, while simultaneously serving up gorgeous landscapes and offering a balm to the weary human spirit.
  • Evergreen reveals the noisy soundtrack to Tim Entwisle's life, why he prefers nature found kerbside rather than in the wild, and how he comes to have an alga (seaweed) named after him. Above all, it's an ode to the powerful mix of nature, science and culture.

Published: Aug 2022

Pages: 360

Size (cm): 2.8 x 23.3 x 15.3

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