Everything Is Easy: A Complete Kit For Saying What You Really Think



    • Cards to give and receive. Life is tough, love is awkward, and communication can seem complicated but Everything is Easy cards are fun to use and easy to personalize. Send a friend a large card that says "You're Looking Terrific" to make your point loud and clear!

    • Leave nothing to chance. Tired of... Being misinterpreted? Not knowing what to say? Waiting for the right moment? Conveying how you feel? Use Everything Is Easy cards for all your pesky interactions. Outsource your candor and wit to cards that express thoughts you didn't know you had, preemptively resolve conflicts, and provide timely words of wit and wisdom to friends and family for next time.

    • Contains 4 different sets of cards:

      • Feedback forms for the big moments in your life
      • Fill-in-the blank letters to express your love/loathing after a dinner party, a vacation, and more
      • Relationship referee cards
      • Door signs to let people know how you're feeling

    Published: Sept 2018

    Size (cm): 21.5 x 15.5 x 1.9

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