Fazeek: Wave Coupe Set


  • FAZEEK's Wave Coupe Glasses are a modern and playful reimagining of a glassware classic. Featuring an elegant, elongated stem and wide bowl embellished with beautiful signature rippled edges. These hand blown glasses are the ultimate vessel to serve your favourite sparkling varietals, decadent cocktails or delicious desserts
  • Glassware come in sets of two
  • All of the FAZEEK glassware is handmade, which means there can be some variations between pieces. Given the hand-blown nature of the glassware, you may come across some slight differences in shape, colour or finish. It is not uncommon to find some small bubbles or a slight wave in the glassware

Capacity: Approximately 250ml when filled to the brim.

Size (cm): 10 (width) x 14 (height)

Material: High-quality borosilicate glass

Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe but recommended showing them the love they deserve by washing them by hand. Do not put ice into the glass before the liquid, and always be gentle when placing it onto hard surfaces.

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