French New Wave - Hardcover


  • French New Wave: A Revolution in Design
  • The French New Wave is one of the most important movements in the history of film
  • Its fresh energy and vision changed the cinematic landscape and it has had a seminal impact on pop culture
  • The poster artists tasked with selling these Nouvelle Vague films to the masses were at the forefront of a revolution in art, graphic design and photography
  • This volume is a visual celebration of their explosive and groundbreaking poster art

Featuring posters from several countries, the diverse imagery for films like BreathlessFahrenheit 451 and Le Mepris is accompanied by biographies on over 100 artists, photographers and designers – the first time many of those responsible for promoting and portraying this movement have been properly recognized.

This book is a definitive celebration of the visual imagery of the French New Wave.

Pages: 304

Published: November 2019

Size (cm): 25 x 29 x 3.5

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