Galang 02 - Hardcover


  • The galang collective convenes regularly to discuss the role of museums and other cultural institutions in the past and present colonisation of First Nations people. It’s a sovereign space to share culture and creative practice, and challenge narratives of sovereignty, decolonisation, identity, power and language
  • galang 02 is grounded by connection to Place, Earth, Country and Land. Gail Mabo reflects on her father Eddie Koiki Mabo’s landmark claim to Mer and how profound ties to Place influence her artwork, while Lisa Hilli explores unspoken bonds with her Papua New Guinean family and environment. New contributors Beaska Niillas and Denilson Baniwa take intimate journeys on Country, as does Brook Garru Andrew in his visit on Country with kin and elders to highlight the importance of trees. Kinships become fundamental grounding points when Mayunkiki talks about what it means to be Ainu and Liisa-Rávná Finbog traces a path between the personal and the political as she considers Indigenous sovereignt
  • A companion volume, galang 01, was published in March 2022. galang volumes 01 and 02 are published in collaboration with the Powerhouse museum and Garru Editions

Pages: 224

Published: November 2022

Size (cm): 30 x 24 

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