Island Of Yeahnahnesia: Vol 1- Hardcover


  • The Island of Yeahnahnesia brings together imagery and writing by widely travelled artists Yok and Sheryo to introduce a fantastic island culture to the world. In the creation of Yeahnahnesia, the artists draw on their individual cultural experiences and modes of creation and combine these to form a cohesive aesthetic that playfully connects world cultures in memorable and surprising ways. The result is the formation of a world where relaxation is central to existence; a value that Yok and Sheryo wish upon those who engage with their work and reflective of the balance they seek and enact in their own lives.
  • Presented in the form of a scientific journal, this beautiful 112-page hardcover publication includes photographs of Yeahnahnesia's temples and totems, detailed drawings and texts which bring to life the rich history, customs, culture, people and environment of Yeahnahnesia. It's a must for those who, like artists Yok & Sheryo, came to appreciate the island's philosophy of tops surf, double-pluggers, good beers, no fear, and devotion to peace, love and relaxation with a laidback party vibe.

Published: 2023

Pages: 120

Size (cm): 17 x 24.5

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