Jessie Scott: Videoshop Algorithm Game


  • Imagine if there was an algorithm that WASN’T dumb…What if there was an algorithm that didn’t deliver what it thought you’d like, but what you didn’t even know you wanted? In short, an algorithm that harnessed the chaotic discovery of a Video Shop, where chance encounters and unanticipated juxtapositions on the shelf led to new associations and experiences? Sadly, there is no algorithm that can do that. But now, there is a game that can
  • Video Shop Algorithm revives the “cognitive congeniality” of the video library, where objects and people in space combine to create fresh connections and new knowledge about film and video – ever the currencies of contemporary culture
  • Working together as a team, you are rewarded for the number and complexity of connections you can draw between an ever-expanding mind map of film titles. Without access to your smartphone, you must draw deep on your memory and stored knowledge, as well as build upon that of your fellow team mates to tease out unexpected connections and ford unbridgeable divides
  • Recommened 4-8 players, 45-60 minutes playing time
  • Comes with a printed game-play guide

Size (cm): 21 x 29.7 x 1.5

Every purchase supports ACMI 

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