Jess Johnson Milxyz Pips - Skate Deck


"The first step of being able to change your own reality is to be able to imagine a different one." - Jess Johnson

  • Designed by New Zealand-born artist Jess Johnson, based on Milxyz Pips drawing. 
  • Digital print transfer on steep concave skateboard deck.
  • Comes with wall mounting kit (see image).
  • Limited Edition of 25.

Jess Johnson is a New Zealand born artist whose work reflects her interests in science fiction, language, technology, and concepts of consciousness. Her drawing practice, featuring meshworks of cultural symbology, humanoid clones, messianic figures, and alien runes, feeds into installations and collaborations in animation, music, fashion, Virtual Reality, and textile art.

Size (cm): 20.3 x 81.3 

Material: 7-ply Canadian Maple. Top side has a natural wood finish.

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