Kloke: Super Ultra - Short Sleeved Mauve Tee

$51.75 $69.00

  • Short-sleeved mauve tee
  • Features Super Ultra 120 artwork design - a collaboration between ACMI & Kloke inspired by the VHS vs BETA format wars.
  • Early in the format war, VHS held the upper hand with a superior length of recording time - 120 mins. But the Beta format was heralded as the superior quality. Beta finally did make a 120 min tape but by the time they did, VHS already had too big a market share. That's why we decided to name the project the 'Super Ultra 120’, we liked the idea of forming a video club that doesn’t exist, the ’Super Ultra 120 club’. 
  • Regular fit tee - multiple sizes available
  • This piece is exclusive to ACMI & Kloke.

Material: 100% cotton - mid weight 180gsm

Care Instructions: Machine wash cold with like colours. Do not iron directly on artwork detailing. 

Sizes (cm):

S: 47 (body width) x 71 (body length)

M: 52 (body width) x 75 (body length)

L: 56.5 (body width) x 78.5 (body length)

XL: 61 (body width) x 82 (body length) 

2XL: 64 (body width) x 83.5 (body length)

3XL: 68 (body width) x 85 (body length)

Every purchase supports ACMI.

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