Look Both Ways: ACMI Study Guide - Softcover


  • Look Both Ways explores the fluctuations and commonalities of ordinary lives: love, grief, happiness and loss.
  • Specifically written for Year 12 English students, this ACMI Study Guide provides a framework to explore this award-winning Australian film. The guide analyses how director Sarah Watt constructs characters and ideas, at the same time as inviting students to make their own conclusions about its meaning.
  • Featuring: 
    • perspectives on genre, context and narrative structure
    • a detailed running sheet
    • close analysis of key scenes
    • a critical perspective
    • helpful and practical advice on 'reading' films
    • sample questions based on the English Study Design
    • student activities
  • Look Both Ways: Daylight Reverie will help you make your own sense of Look Both Ways

Pages: 78

Published: 2007

Size (cm): 14.8 x 20.9 x 0.6

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