Shoplifters 10: New Type Design Vol.2 - Hardcover


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  • Shoplifters is a bi-annual publication featuring the work of contemporary artists, writers, type designers, photographers, illustrators etc,. Shoplifters doesn’t have a single identity, it’s size, paper, typography, and tone changes each time it’s published
  • Issue 10, Volume 2 features 156 Typefaces by 114 designers
  • “Special Features” Section: Nick Benson and the John Steven Shop
    • Designer and stone carver Nick Benson in conversation with Jack Fahnestock
    • Modular Typeface Cubes for the Bibliotèque du Luxembourg with Sascha Lobe By Perrin Drumm
    • Edition Typeface by Elias Hanzer interpreted by Actual Source
    • Lines by AllCaps Jan Novak, Malte Bentzen, Ondrej Bachor, and Sascha Bente Interviewed by Wayne Daly
  • Character overview
  • Index by designer and foundry
  • Designed and published by Actual Source

Pages: 832

Published: 2022

Size (cm): 16.5 x 23.8

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