Studio Ghibli - 7 Inch Vinyl Box Set


  • Theme songs from Studio Ghibli movies Nausicaa of The Valley of the Wind, Castle In The Sky/Laputa and My Neighbor Totoro are presented in this box set of reissued original 7 inch vinyl records
  • Box Set includes:  4 x original 7 inch vinyl EPs, special colored disc, original adapter for large hole vinyl record
    • 1, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind / Wind Fairy Vocal: Narumi Yasuda (25.1.1984: ANS-2008)
    • 2, If I can fly / I don’t need Virgin Road Vocal: Yoko Obata (25.5.1986: 7AGS-7)
    • 3, My Neighbor Totoro / Carrying You Vocal: Azumi Inoue (25.10.1987: 7AGS-12)
    • 4, My Neighbor Totoro /Hey Let’s go Vocal: Azumi Inoue (25.3.1988: 7AGS-14)
    • 5, Special Disc : Carrying you / My Neighbor Totoro Crystal audio master *colored vinyl record
  • Disc 1-4 – Reissues of the original EP
  • Special Disc – Instrumental versions of crystal audio, new jacket artwork. Red, blue or yellow disc is included at random

Size (cm): 20 x 20 x 2.7

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