Superb Vol 1 Life After The Fallout - Softcover

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  • After the Earth survived annihilation from an asteroid, the resultant meteor shower turned Youngstown, Ohio, into disaster zone. After a super-powered teenager exploded, the Foresight Corporation took over Youngstown to find and regulate any other teenagers with emerging powers.
  • When her family moves back to Youngstown, Kayla Tate is reunited with her childhood friend, Jonah Watkins, a young man with Down syndrome. Kayla soon discovers that Jonah is secretly Cosmosis, Internet sensation and hero of Youngstown. Based on his favorite comic book hero, Jonah is using the secret powers he gained from the meteor shower to help people and fight bad guys.
  • To protect Jonah, and discover the sinister mysteries of her town, Kayla uses her own new powers to fight alongside Jonah as the hero Amina. When they discover that young super-powered people are being kidnapped, the two teenage heroes use their abilities to stop Foresight, all the while helping each other navigate through resentment, naivete, and the awkward steps of rekindling their friendship.


Published: 2018

Size (cm): 17 x 26 x 1

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