The Ants Are In The Idiom: Susan Jacobs - Softcover


  • The ants are in the idiom is a presentation of newly commissioned work by Australian-born, London-based artist Susan Jacobs
  • A meditation on the relationship between language and matter, the exhibition (documented in this publication) is an expansive sculptural environment that draws the viewer into a web of visual riddles
  • Jacobs’ poetic approach to materials is underpinned by research into systems of thought that have shaped – and mis-shaped – human knowledge. Playful allusions to science, psychology and mythology jostle with visual puns and word games. Enlivened by the imaginative potential of misinterpretation, the exhibition is a rhizomatic sculptural network that stimulates a process of associative looking in the viewer
  • The artist has developed this work over several years, experimenting with materials in her studio to articulate a sculptural language informed by cumulative layers of environmental observation and historical research
  • The ants are in the idiom could be read as an allegory for a way of working as an artist or, on a more universal level, for the human drive to make meaning of our surroundings

Pages: 118

Published: 2022

Size (cm): 11.5 x 17.5 x 1

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