The Influence Of An Idea: Michaela Gleave - Softcover


  • A poetic volume presenting the artist’s conceptual focus on space and time. Formist Editions is thrilled to release the publication The influence of an idea on the physical properties of the world, which investigates contemporary artist Michaela Gleave’s diverse practice and preoccupation with concepts of space—be it physical, unearthly or intangible—often referencing natural phenomena and tricks of perception. The debut publication of Gleave’s work, it reveals her deep curiosity in better understanding the structures and frameworks that shape our known universe, and the human experience central to it
  • Gleave’s diverse conceptual practice traverses numerous mediums and platforms and often involves working in many disciplines, including performance, digital and online, music, choreography, data visualisation, sculpture, photography and installation. No matter the medium, her projects question the nature of reality and our relationship to time, matter and space, focussing particularly on the changing intersections between art, science and society
  • The influence of an idea on the physical properties of the world features texts by Anna Briers, Edward Colless and Naomi Riddle, as well as a conversation between Gleave and curator Annika Kristensen. The book is presented in a silver slipcase that features an aperture, creating an eclipse effect as the book is removed

Pages: 176

Published: 2022

Size (cm): 17 x 24

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