The Queer Film Guide - Hardcover


  • A selection of 100 of cinema's greatest films that tell queer stories, from the silent era to contemporary masterpieces.
  • Beginning with early trailblazers like Different from the Others, Kyle Turner has selected 100 of cinema's greatest queer films to guide you through the eras. From Hitchcock's Rope and cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show through the New Queer Cinema movement of the 90s to the present day, where LGBTQIA+ narratives have increasingly made their way into the mainstream and dominated award seasons with films like Carol, Tangerine, and Moonlight.
  • From scrappy auteurs to Academy Award winners, The Queer Film Guide celebrates LGBTQIA+ stories and artists, offering a fresh take on what defines great cinema, and lending a voice to the diverse creators and characters who have shaped the art form.

Pages: 208

Published: May 2023

Size (cm): 21 x 14.5 x 2.5

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