The Sky Is Falling - Softcover


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  •  A bestselling cultural journalist takes us on a wild ride through pop culture, showing how it paved the way for today's extreme politics.
  • Are Batman and 24's Jack Bauer heroic loners defending our way of life - or right-wing vigilantes attacking it? Is Avatar just a National Geographic version of Star Wars or a passionate assault on capitalism? And what about Game of Thrones - sword and sorcery fantasy, or lesson in mainstream politics?

  • In The Sky is Falling! bestselling cultural critic Peter Biskind takes us on a dizzying ride across two decades of pop culture to show how the TV and movies we love have taught us to love political extremism. Welcome to a darkly pessimistic, apocalyptic world where winter has come, the dead are walking, and ultra violence, revenge and torture are all in a day's work. Welcome to the new normal. 

Pages: 272

Published: Nov 2019

Size (cm): 19.6 x 13.2  x 1.6

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