The Magnificent Ambersons - Softcover


  • In this BFI Film Classics edition, V.F. Perkins explores Orson Welles' genius in directing actors, his intricate weaving of his own narration in and around the drama, and his unsurpassed use of the long take to capture the fines nuance of expression and unspoken feeling
  • For Perkins The Magnificent Ambersons 'has as many marvellous shots, scenes, ideas, performances as most filmmakers could hope to achieve in an entire career'
  • Second only to Citizen Kane in work, this film can never be seen as he intended it, after being heavily cut by RKO studio. However, it remains a remarkable picture of dynastic ruin and social change

Pages: 80

Published: October 1999

Size (cm): 13.3 x 19 x 0.6

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