Unununimimimdedesign - Softcover


  • Over the past few years, design has been learned and unlearned, done and undone, patriarchised and depatriarchised, colonised and decolonised, centralised and decentralised, and so forth. Meanwhile, (departments of) schools appear to be wandering, un-stable, not-yet, unsettling, or impermanent, making way for anything other than sturdiness. The question must then be asked, if all within design is being undone, unmade, and unlearned, what is it exactly that is being done, being made, and being learned? Unununimimimdededesign: the hesitant state of design wishes to delve into this question by offering divergent views from within and upon design discourse and education. It does not aim to ‘fix’ this hesitant state or offer solutionist approaches, but instead reflectively pause and build upon the knowledge, thoughts, hesitations and discomforts that accompany it.

Pages: 136

Published: March 2023

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