Wonderland - Exhibition Catalogue


Since the publication of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in 1865, Lewis Carroll’s Alice has delighted children and adults alike. However, this girl-hero was always destined for life beyond the page.

From silent film to animation, she has always been portrayed many times and continues to inspire. Wonderland follows Alice’s journey from page to screen, from 1903’s silent Alice in Wonderland to her first talking film in 1931, to Tim Burton’s recent blockbusters. It celebrates the endurance of Carroll’s stories and characters, and the remarkable technological innovations that have enabled filmmakers to continually reimagine Alice.

Tracing Alice’s evolution on screen, Wonderland is a journey down the rabbit hole and into an enchanted world where expectations are upended and curiosity rewarded.

Published: 2017

This publication is currently available for pre-order. Publication will be available for either in-store collection or post out from April 4th.

Each copies comes with a limited edition Wonderland Tote - whilst stocks last.