Writing For The Cut - Softcover


  • Writing for the Cut: Shaping Your Script for Cinema
  • Editing is what makes a movie a movie. Consulting with master film editors including Walter Murch, Juliette Welfling, Eddie Hamilton, and Anne V. Coates (whose insights and wisdom anchor the book), author Greg Loftin engagingly details the storytelling nuances and tricks screenwriters can learn from their film-editor peers.
  • Cutting-room veterans have long maintained that visual juxtaposition fuels film storytelling. Over-lapped images spark fresh ideas in the minds of viewers, encouraging them to become active partners in your storytelling and discover your story for themselves.
  • In later chapters, Writing for the Cut shows how we can bring our stories closer to the screen by writing not only with text but with images and sounds. The screenwriter is taken deep into the edit suite to learn the secrets of the sizzle reel.

Pages: 170

Published: April 2016

Size (cm): 16 x 23 x 1

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